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You are Rohan Juneja, the Secretary of the Science Club of your school. Write a notice in not more than 50 words informing the students about the C. V. Raman National Science Exhibition to be held and requesting them to participate in it enthusiastically. Inform them that outsiders are also welcome to this exhibition.

Ans.                                                   KUNDAN VIDYA MANDIR, NEW DELHI



 24″ April, 2014

It would be a great privilege to announce that C. V. Raman National Science Exhibition is going to be held on 30th April, 2014 in school auditorium at 10.00 am. Students are requested to participate enthusiastically. Interested students even outsiders can also get their names registered till 27th April, 2014. For more information please contact undersigned.

Rohan Juneja

Secretary (Science Club)

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