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 The Students’ Council of Greenland School. New Delhi has organized an excursion to Kulu, 7 Mans and Rohtang Pass for students of Classes X1 and XII during the Easter break. As the Head girl/Head boy of the school draft a notice for the notice board of your school to this effect inviting students who wish to join the excursion to give in their names for the same. Add relevant details like duration and cost of excursion and last date for submission of authority letter signed by parents and making the payment. Do not exceed 50 words. Put the notice in a box.

 Ans.                                                     GREENLAND SCHOOL, NEW DELHI


20th March, 2014

         Excursion to Kulu, Manali and Rohtang Pass,

 For students of Classes XI and XII during the Easter break

 It is a weeklong trip from 28th March to April. Total expenses per person would be Rs. 6,000 approximately. Names needed to be registered with the undersigned. The last date for submission of the authority letter signed by parents and making the payment is 25th March. For further enquires, contact the undersigned.

 (Head girl)

Download the above Notice in PDF 

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