13.Biographical Sketch of A College Student

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 Given below is a profile of Ashwini. Write a short bio-sketch of him in about 100 words.

  • Age-18 years
  • Physical Appearance–normal, 160 cm tall
  • college student
  • works part-time
  • parents old-father a primary teacher, mother housewife
  • wants to do B.A. then a job-further study
  • honest, hardworking, sincere
  • wants to lead a simple life

Answer                                                        Ashwini—A College Student

 Ashwini is an 18-year old boy with a normal physical appearance having 180 cm height. He is, at present, a college student studying in B.A. Since his parents are poor, he works part-time. His father is a primary school teacher and mothers a housewife. His parents are old. Ashwini is an ambitious she wants to complete his B.A. first. After that, he would search a job because without that he can’t do much in life. Even after getting a suitable job he would like to study further. As regards human values, Ashwini is honest, hardworking and sincere. He wants to lead a simple life.

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