121. Formal Letter Sample : Letter Regarding Night shelters for homeless poor

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You are disturbed at seeing many unfortunate homeless orphans spending their night in the open on chilly wintry nights. Using the information given below write a letter to the editor of a national daily urging the state administration to provide free night shelters to the needy and homeless poor.


* Thousands of poor people are homeless

* Many suffer; some deaths reported

* Spend chilly nights on pavements and in the open

*Need for ‘night shelters’ or ‘Rayan Baseras’ for the homeless 

Ans. 12, Nai Wala Gali

Karol Bagh

 New Delhi

 20th March, 20XX

The Editor

 The Hindustan Times

 New Delhi

Sub: Night shelters for homeless poor


Through the column of your prestigious national daily, I want to highlight the urgent need for providing night shelter for the homeless people.

 I am a resident of 12, Nai Wala Gali, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. India excels in contrasts. One of the major economies of the world has the maximum number of homeless poor people in the world. Millions of people in India spend their nights under the starry or cloudy skies. Many unfortunate persons fight for a little space on the pavements. Long winters become unbearable for these homeless orphans. They try to find out some shelters under the bridges, at railway stations or in public buildings. But they are hounded out from there by the police. Last month five people lost their lives due to extreme cold conditions.

The administration must show its human face. The state government must open adequate night shelters and provide free lodging for such persons. It will save hundreds of unfortunate homeless people from dying in cold or chilly nights.

 Yours faithfully

 Ram Lal

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