HCL Full-Form | What is the Meaning of HCL

By | September 9, 2023

Edumantra has the best explained HCL full form. Take advantage of freely available full form of HCL at our website. Remain full of knowledge of HCL meaning. We would like to tell that the full form of  HCL is Hindustan Computers Limited.

Full-Form of HCL:

HCL Full-Form refers to Hindustan Computers Limited. HCL is a multinational information technology services company in India. Its head office is situated in Noida. It is basically an HCL Enterprise subsidiary. Earlier, it was just an R&D division of the HCL Enterprise, but later entered into the business of software services and became independent in the year 1991. In India, HCL is one of the biggest traded companies that have a market capitalization of twenty-two billion dollars as of the year 2015.

HCL Full-Form | What is Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL)

In the financial year of 2015, it obtained solid revenue of six billion dollars. The company’s operating income and profit during the same year were one billion dollars and two billion dollars respectively. As of the year 2016, it has more than one hundred thousand employees. When the HCL was originally formed, it was named the HCL Overseas Ltd. In the year 1994, it obtained the name HCL Consulting Ltd. It was again renamed HCL Technologies Ltd in the year 1999 since it reflects the activities of the company in a better way.

The operations of HCL are expanded in thirty-four nations. The company’s establishments can be found in the UAE, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, Qatar, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Israel, India, and China.

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It covers Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Estonia, and the Czech Republic in Europe. The company’s offices are also present in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

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The business lines of HCL include business services or the BPO, IMS or Infrastructure Management Services, Application Services and ERS or Engineering and R&D Services.

The delivery centers of the BPO division are present in Northern Ireland, Latin America, India, Europe, the USA, and the Philippines. Additionally, it also operates in other sectors like logistics, telecom, semiconductor, retail, natural resources and mining, healthcare and life sciences, government, utilities, automotive, aerospace, hospitality, transportation, storage, public services, entertainment and media, industrial manufacturing, financial services, consumer electronics, and defense.

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