215. ECIL Full-Form | What is Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)

By | January 27, 2020
ECIL Full-Form | What is Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)

Everyone should know full forms of words related to everyone. This page provides best full form and tells what the full form of ECIL is. So your search for  ECIL full form is over. Page is dedicated to a basic full form. Go through and get meaning of ECIL


ECIL Definition

ECIL (Electronics Corporation of India Limited) is a Government of India Enterprise and was established under the Department of Atomic Energy in the year of 1967. Dr AS Rao in the year 1967 did establish this corporation in Hyderabad and since then this corporation has been recorded as one of the most effective of all the segments of nuclear energy and that of Space and Defense sectors. The corporation is now undertaken by the government of India and this helps the nation to create a strong base in the electronics sector of the nation. This organization is surely one of the most reputed ones in India and seems to serve long for the nation and also for the people of the nation. This corporation is a true asset that the country has.


ECIL is a leader in the electronics department of the nation and has made a notable contribution in the field.

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