Extract Based MCQs of How I Taught My Grandmother to Read | Class- 9 Chapter 1

MCQ Based Questions with Answers-

Read the extracts given below carefully. Then attempt the questions given below-

1.‘The happiness of an orphan girl is more important than worshipping Lord Vishweshwara at Kashi’

a. The speaker is-
i) The writer
ii) Krishtakka
iii) the protagonist of the story Kashi Yatre
iv) the writer’s grandmother

b. The speaker made the orphan girl happy by
i) spending her money on her marriage
ii) praying to Lord Vishweshwara at Kashi
iii) Educating her
iv) sending her to Kashi

c. The extract shows the _ nature of the speaker-
i) evil
ii) generous
iii) grateful

Ans.- (a)iii) the protagonist of the story Kashi Yatre
(b) i) spending her money on her marriage
(c)iv) magnanimous

2.I felt so very dependent and helpless. We are well-off, but what use is money when I cannot be independent?’

a. The writer’s grandmother felt dependent and helpless because
i) she had no one to look after her
ii) she was wealthy but did not know how to use it
iii) she was illiterate
iv) her relatives were troubling her for her wealth

b. The speaker thinks
i) wealth is very important
ii) education is more important than money
iii) independence comes with money
iv) money and education axe equally important

c. ‘… but what use is money…’ means
i) money is of no use
ii) money is very useful
iii) money is everything
iv) money is invaluable

Ans. –
(c)iii) she was illiterate
(b)ii) education is more important than money
(c) i) money is of no use

3.‘Her stories usually dealt with complex psychological problems in the lives of ordinary people and were always very interesting.’
(a) Who is ‘her’ referred to ?

(i) Krishtakka
(ii) Triveni
(iii) Narrator
(iv) None of the above

(b) What was the person referred to here, by profession?
(i) Writer
(ii) Doctor
(iii) Social Worker
(iv) Teacher

(c) How many years ago did the person referred to here die?
(i) Ten years
(ii) Thirty years
(iii) Forty years
(iv) Sixty years

Ans :
(a) (ii)
(b) (i)
(c) (iii)

4.“Many times, I rubbed my hands over the pages wishing they could understand what was written.”
(a) The ‘I’ in the above lines refers to :

(i) Sudha Murthy
(ii) Triveni
(iii) Krishtakka
(iv) Saraswati

(b) The ‘pages’ were of a :
(i) Kannada Newspaper
(ii) Magazine
(iii) Novel ‘Kashi Yatre’
(iv) Weekly magazine ‘Karmaveera’

(c) “Rubbing my hands over the pages” suggests the speaker’s :
(ii) desperation
(iii) deep yearning
(iv) regret

Ans. (a) (iii)
(b) (iv)
(c) (ii)

5.“Later, she could repeat the entire text by heart.”
(a) ‘She’ is referred to :

(i) Sudha Murthy
(ii) Sudha Murthy’s classmate
(iii) Sudha Murthy’s grandmother
(iv) Sudha Murthy’s neighbour

(b) The ‘text’ is referred to :
(i) Holy scriptures
(ii) Text-books
(iii) Homework
(iv) The story of the episode

(c) The speaker intends to :
(i) highlight memory of the girl
(ii) highlight memory of the grandmother
(iii) say that girl was so fascinated with the episodes of the novel
(iv) tell that grandmother was very much fascinated with the episodes of the novel

Ans. (a) (iii)
(b) (iv)
(c) (iv).

6.“I knew my student had passed with flying colours.”
(a) ‘my student’ refers to :

(i) Duke
(ii) Triveni
(iii) Avva
(iv) Jeanne

(b) The student has passed in :
(i) Flying colours
(ii) Class
(iii) Exam
(iv) Life

(c) I knew that my student has passed when she :
(i) Could read on her own
(ii) Could write on her own
(iii) Paid the fee
(iv) Stopped the classes
Ans. (a) (iii)
(b) (iv)
(c) (i)

7.“I have decided I want to learn the Kannada alphabet from tomorrow onwards. I will work very hard.”
(a) The speaker wants to learn Kannada alphabet______

(i) To be able to read a novel on her own
(ii) To be able to write a novel on her own
(iii) To be able to teach others.
(iv) As the speaker can read other languages fluently but not Kannada.

(b) The above statement reveals that the speaker is______
(i) Humorous
(ii) Helpful
(iii) Determined
(iv) Concerned

(c) At the time of speaking these lines she was______
(i) 61 years old
(ii) 62 years old
(iii) 63 years old
(iv) 64 years old

Ans. (a) (i)
(b) (iii)
(c) (ii)

8.“I will work harder than anybody but I will do it.”
(a) The speaker has decided to learn :

(i) to walk
(ii) to speak Hindi
(iii) to read
(iv) to act

(b) The speaker is addressing :
(i) Maid
(ii) Marcy Hooper
(iii) Sudha Murthy
(iv) Jeanne

(c) From the line, speaker’s __ is reflected:
(i) Determination
(ii) Personality
(iii) Attitude
(iv) Stubbornness
Ans. (a) (iii)
(b) (iii)
(c) (i)

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