Short Poem on:The one I want to be & Death

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The one I want to be

If I ever get to see myself, back in the time, when I was a kid, seven, eight or may be nine,
I should tell her the truth about life? or let her see the dreams, let innocent be the ocean for her to drive,
I should worn her about the decisions she will make? or ask her to face everything it good or bad, ask her to be never fake?
I should tell her how dangerous this world can be? or let her climb on the trees, let her follow the fireflies in the night, Owing in ecstasy,
I should ask her to buly her flues deep under the ground? or let her wear them on the sleeves and pass through the crowd, My midnight wishes changed, as the smile, turned to self cries,
I would give everything I have, to see the world again through her eyes.


Death…. don’t it send chill down your spine and we think does it come to the sun that lives or the leave of the pine.
Death; so uneatable, so inescapable faced by all, even the leave of the pine with and fall Death a state of place, complete vacuum A body laid where Cheney trees bloom. A nightingale singing a tion song of separation and freedom, which breaks apart the border.
A song which hurt you emotionally but you keep listening to it…
bit by bit
Fears lie not in death but in the terror of death it increase my desire to live and grab all the love you give.
Death would come it very clear hen why to live under its mortal fear and shed a pool of tears.
One day it would knock my door and takes me away from you that’s for sure it might hurt you but never reduce my love for you.

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