11.Speech Writing : NATURAL DISASTERS

By | July 31, 2018

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 Natural disasters have become common these days. Write a speech in about 150 words to be delivered in the morning assembly on how normal life is disrupted during such calamities and what measures should be adopted by the government to meet such situations.

 Ans.                                                             NATURAL DISASTERS

Respected teachers and my dear students,

In view of the frequent occurrence of natural disasters these days, I am going to deliver a speech on the effects of natural disasters. Natural disasters like earthquake, Hood. Hurricane, tsunami and landslides leave a dismal situation after their occurrence. Such calamities disrupt the normal life for many days. Transport and communication remain cut off. Supply of essential commodities is affected resulting in untold suffering of the people. Law and order situation is also deteriorated during this period. In most of the cases, timely rescue and rehabilitation work is not carried out. The government should take initiative to make (twisters:. The government people aware of natural should review its disaster management strategies and policies and chalk out a clear road map for dealing with natural disasters. The government should build dams for flood control, build buttress structures In landslide prone areas and implement earthquake friendly technologies.

Thank You.

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