Ch. 4 Keeping It From Harold (Extra Ques.)

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                       Keeping It From Harold (P.C. Wodehouse)
About the Author Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was an English writer whose body of work includes novels, collections of short stories, and musical theatre. Wodehouse enjoyed enormous popular success during a career of more than seventy years and his prolific writings continue to be widely read. Despite the political and social upheavals that occurred during his life, much of which was spent in France and the United States, Wodehouse’s main canvas remained that of pre-war English upper-class society, reflecting his birth, education, and youthful writing career. An acknowledged master of English prose, Wodehouse is best known today for the leaves and Blandings Castle novels and short stories. Wodehouse was also a playwright and lyricist who was part author and writer of 15 plays and of 250 lyrics for some 30 musical comedies.
Summary Mr. Bramble is a famous boxer popular by the name of “Porky” with a large fan following. But despite his successful boxing career he is keen to give it all up because of his son Harold. Harold, a ten-year-old schoolboy, is unaware of his father’s profession and has been told he is a commercial traveller. Harold is a constant source of amazement to his parents because of his excellence in studies and his impeccable manners. His mother, Mrs. Bramble is convinced that he is a child prodigy. They fear that such a superior human being might not approve of his father’s profession. Encouraged by his brother-in-law (Mrs Bramble’s brother), Major Percy Stokes, Mr. Bramble decides to give up his boxing career and look for a job as a boxing instructor in a school or college. Unfortunately, the decision is taken days before a major boxing event where he stands to win a lot of money and fame. His wife does not appear too happy at this decision as she feels the money he would have won would have helped in their son’s education. Before the discussion can go any further, Mr. Fisher, the trainer and promoter of Mr Bramble’s fight arrives. He is horrified at Mr. Bramble’s decision to give up boxing at such a time and he does all he can to make him change his mind. In the middle of all this chaos, enters Harold himself wanting to know why there was so much fighting in the house. Much to the surprise of his parents he is extremely excited to know that his father was the famous boxing champion “Porky” and surprises everyone with his in depth knowledge of the boxing world and the fact that he had bet some money on “Porky’s” win. Hence matters end peacefully with Mr. Fisher taking Mr. Bramble to train for the “big fight” and Harold asking his mother to help him with his studies. The story is written in the typical humorous ironical style that came so naturally to P.G. Wodehouse.
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Type 8 Question
Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: (3 marks)
1. “Mrs Bramble looked up, beaming with a kind of amiable fat-headedness. A domestic creature, wrapped up in Bill, her husband, and Harold, her son. At the present moment only the latter was with her. He sat on the other side of the table, his lips gravely pursed and his eyes a trifle cloudy behind their spectacles.”
(a) Give two adjectives to define Mrs Bramble.
Ans. amiable; domestic.

(b) Why is Mrs Bramble called a domestic creature?
Ans. Mrs Bramble has been called a domestic creature because she is totally devoted to her family and household affairs.
(c) Why was Mrs Bramble proud of her son?
Ans. Mrs Bramble was proud of her son because he was a child prodigy.

2.”At the moment only the latter was with her. He sat on the other side of the table, his lips gravely pursed and his eyes a trifle cloudy behind their spectacles.”
(a) Who is “her”? Who is the person sitting with her?
Ans.Here “her” refers to Mrs Bramble. The person sitting with her is Harold.
(b) What does the word trifle mean?
Ans. In this context, ‘trifle’ means tiny or miniscule.
(c) What was Mrs Bramble’s attitude towards “him”?
Ans.Mrs Bramble’s attitude towards him was of joy, pride and awe.
3.”Bill, we must keep it from Harold.”
(a) Who is the speaker of these lines? What was the fact that must be kept from Harold?
Ans.The speaker of these lines is Mrs Bramble. The fact that had to be kept from Harold was that his father was a boxer.
(b) What does the phrase ‘keep it from’ mean in the extract?

Ans. The phrase means that the fact of his father’s being a boxer has to be kept away from Harold.
(c) Why did they wish to keep it from Harold?
Ans. They wished it be kept from Harold, as they thought the knowledge would be shocking and embarrassing to him as a boxing career was not thought to be respectable.
4.”Enemies said that he liked the sound of his own voice.”
(a) Who is “he”?
Ans. In the extracted line “he” refers to Major Percy Stokes.
(b) What does “to like the sound of his own yoke” mean?
Ans. The turn of phrase “to like the sound of his own voice” means he liked to voice his opinion all the time; he liked to dominate all conversation.
(c) What role does he play in this situation?
Ans.In the given situation he was playing the role of a troublemaker.

5.”In private life he was the mildest and most obliging of men, and always yielded to everybody.”
(a) Whom does “he” refer to and what was his profession?
Ans. In the extracted line “he” refers to Mr Bramble. He was a professional boxer.
(b) What does ‘most obliging of men’ mean?
Ans. It means that Mr Bramble was very accommodating and helpful.
(c) What aspect of his character does this line reveal?
Ans. This line reveals that he was a good natured, meek and obedient man.

6.”You simply couldn’t take a boy like that aside and tell him that the father whom he believed to be a commercial traveller was affectionately known…as ‘Young Porky’.”
(a) Why is he being called “a boy like that”?
Ans.In the extracted line Harold is referred to as “a boy like that” because the boy was brilliant academically and behaved with great dignity.
(b) Who is a “commercial traveller”?
Ans.A “commercial traveller” is a travelling representative of a firm, getting orders for it.
(c) Why could the boy not be told the real identity of his father?
Ans.The boy could not be told the real identity of his father because they believed he would be embarrassed and it would upset him.

7.”Martha the general pattered along the passage and then came the sound of voices speaking in an undertone. Footsteps made themselves heard in the passage. The door opened. The head and shoulders of Major Percy Stokes insinuated themselves into the room.”
(a) Who was Martha?
Ans. Martha was the help who did all the work in the house.
(b) Who walked in behind Martha?
Ans. Mr Bramble and Percy walked in behind Martha.
(c) Explain: “the head and shoulders of Major Percy Stokes insinuated themselves into the room.”
Ans.Major Percy peeped into the room stealthily.

8.”Jerry Fisher’s a hard nut,” said Mr Bramble apologetically. “He don’t like people coming round talking to a man he’s training, unless he introduces them or they’re newspaper gents.”
(a) Who is Jerry Fisher?
Ans. Jerry Fisher is Mr Bramble’s manager, promoter and trainer.
(b) Why didn’t Fisher like people coming to meet the boxers?
Ans.Fisher didn’t like anyone coming to meet the boxers because they disrupt the concentration of the boxer.
(c) Who are “newspaper gents”?
Ans. The “newspaper gents” are news reporters.

9.”How about the money? Goodness knows I’ve never liked your profession.”
(a) Who is the speaker? Which profession is being discussed?
Ans.The speaker is Mrs Bramble. They were discussing about boxing.
(b) What is a profession? Can you give some other examples of a profession.
Ans. A profession means a job or a career. Some examples are teaching, construction, architecture, etc.
(c) What has the listener just decided to do?
Ans.The listener has decided to give up boxing.
10.”It’s hard, I just wanted to break his neck for him.”
(a)Who is the speaker?
Ans.The speaker of the extracted line is Mr Fisher.
(b) Whose neck does the speaker wish to break?
Ans.The speaker wishes to break Major Percy’s neck.
(c) Why does the speaker want to break his neck?
Ans.The speaker wants to break his neck because he suspects that he had encouraged this star performer to give up boxing.

11.”The four adults surveyed the innocent child in silence.”
(a) Why is the child being called innocent?
Ans.The child is being called innocent because he was not aware of the truth about his father’s profession.
(b) Why was there silence in the room?
Ans.The people in the room were tense as they were not sure how much the child had overheard, thus there was silence in the room.
(c) What do you mean by ‘surveyed’? means that the four adults were observing the chuild, Harrold.

12.”How long do you suppose they’d go on calling me, ‘Goggles’ if they knew that you were my father?”
(a)Who is the speaker?
Ans.The speaker of the extracted line is Harold.
(b) Why did his friends call him “Goggles”?
Ans.Harold’s friends called him “Goggle’s because he wore spectacles.
(c) In what way was the speaker’s reaction most unexpected?
Ans.Harold’s reaction was unexpected because they had expected him to be embarrassed about his father’s profession but here he was proud of his father.
Type 9 Questions (2 marks) Answer the following questions briefly.
1. What was strange about the manner in which Mrs Bramble addressed her son? What did he feel about it?
Ans.Mrs Bramble addressed him in the third person and it jarred upon him as he felt she was addressing him the way one addresses a baby. He felt offended especially as he felt all grown up since he had won a prize for dictation and spelling.
2. Why was it necessary to keep Harold’s father’s profession a secret from him?
Ans. Harold was studying in an expensive private school and growing up to be quite a don. He was very intelligent and interested in studies. He amazed his parents with his courteous behaviour. Therefore, they felt he may be embarrassed if he came to know that his father was a boxing champion and belonged to the rough world of boxing.
3. When Mr Bramble came to know that he was going to be a father what were some of the names he decided upon? Why?
Ans. Mr Bramble had wanted to call the child John if he was a boy after the American boxing legend John L Sullivan and Marie after Marie Lloyd, the music hall artist probably because they were famous and belonged to his world of entertainment and sports.
4.Do you agree with Harold’s parents’ decision of hiding from him that his father was a boxer? Why? Why not?
Ans. Yes, they did the right thing by hiding the fact from Harold because they did not know how he would react. They felt they were saving him from embarrassment .They did not want him to feel inferior to the other boys in his class, especially as most of them came from the upper strata of society and may have looked down upon him once they came to know of it.
9. What kind of a boy was Harold?
Ans. Harold was an intelligent boy with a deep interest in academics. He was self-absorbed and did not show much interest in his parents. In fact, his parents were in awe of him and wondered how such a child had been born to them. Later on however we find that he has an interest in boxing and has in-depth knowledge about it as well.
10. Who was Major Percy Stokes? What kind of a man was he?
Ans. Major Percy Stokes was the brother of Mrs Bramble. He was a troublemaker who did not seem to be involved in any constructive work. He was the person to instigate Mr Bramble into quitting boxing before the big fight.
11. How did the Major instigate Mr Bramble to give up boxing?
Ans. Mayor Percy had written letters and pamphlets giving him reasons why he should give up boxing before the scheduled big fight. He scared Mr Bramble by telling him that his secret would be out if he fought because it was going to be covered extensively by the reporters and there was every chance of his photograph being plastered in the newspapers.
12. Mr Bramble had already decided to quit after the big fight, then why does his decision to quit before the fight upset his wife?
Ans. His wife was upset because by quitting before the fight they would not be able to get the large amount of money that he would have otherwise got, irrespective of the fact whether he lost or won. The money would have helped in paying for Harold’s education.
13. Why did Percy keep a safe distance from Mr Fisher when he arrived at the Brambles’ house?
Ans. Percy kept a safe distance because Mr Fisher held him responsible for Mr Bramble’s decision to quit before the big fight. He was afraid that in his anger and frustration, Mr Fisher might beat him up.
14. Pick out sentences from the lesson which show that Jerry Fisher was burning with anger.
Ans. “Jerry Fisher’s face was a study in violent emotions. His eyes seemed to protrude from their sockets like a snail’s.”
15. Why did Fisher tell Harold the truth about his father’s boxing profession?
Ans. Fisher was so angry with Mr Bramble at backing out from the professional fight scheduled to be held on Monday that he felt he had been treated badly and was desperate to take revenge. So he told Harold the truth, knowing that the Brambles had not wanted this.
16. Was Harold’s reaction expected by his parents? Give reasons for your answer.
Ans. No, they had not expected Harold to be so happy to have a father who was a professional boxer. They had expected him to he embarrassed and look down upon him but the opposite happened.

Extract based reference to context questions –

“They were lovers of truth , but they had realized that there are times when truth must be sacrificed”
Qu. 1 Who does they refer to here?
Ans- They here refers to Mr. Bramble and his wife.

Qu.2-What truth do they have to sacrifice?
Ans.They have to hide the truth of Bill’s boxing profession

Qu.3-Why do they need to sacrifice truth?
Ans.- They need to sacrifice the truth because Harold is a Prodigious child and boxing is not considered a profession of gentlemen.

“in private life he was the mildest and the most obliging of men he always yielded to everybody. The very naming of Harold had caused a sacrifice on his part.”
Qu.1- Who is ‘he’ here and what did he do?
Ans.He is Bill Bramble and he was a professional boxer.

Qu.2- What kind of a men was he?
Ans.- He was an easily persuading person and he had pleasing nature.

Qu.3- How was naming of Harold a sacrifice on his part?
Ans.- He sacrificed his wish to name Harold at the time of his birth for the sake of his wife. In this way he made sacrifice ever since Harold’s birth.

“Now he quailed at the site of his name in print, so thoroughly had he become imbued with the necessity of keeping it from Harold. ”
Qu.1- Why did he quail to see his name in print?
Ans.He quailed to see his name in print because he was causing embarrassment to his son Harold due to his boxing profession.

Qu.2- What was he imbued with?
Ans.He was imbued with the necessity of keeping the truth away from Harold.

Qu.3- Why did he wish to keep it from Harold?
Ans.He wished to keep it from Harold because he did not want to cause embarrassment to Harold.

“He considered that he had been badly treated and what he wanted most at the moment was the revenge.”
Qu.1- Who is ‘he’ here? Who had treated him badly?
Ans.‘He’ is Mr. Jerry Fisher, Bill’s boxing trainer. He had been badly treated by Bill and Percy.

Qu.2- Why did feel himself badly treated?
Ans.He had been betrayed at the eleventh hour by Bill by Percy’s influence that’s why he felt badly treated.

Qu.3- What did he want the most?
Ans.He wanted to take his revenge the most.

“You mustn’t think none of the worse of your pa for having been a man of wrath. He hadn’t see the bright light then. ”
Qu.1- Who is the speaker here and whom is he talking to?
Ans.- The Speaker is Major Percy Stokes he is talking to Harold, his nephew.

Qu.2- Why does the speaker say so?
Ans.The speaker is afraid that Harold may hate his father for being a man of wrath. That’s why the speaker says so.

Qu.3- How has the speaker helped the listener’s father?
Ans.The speaker has helped the listener’s father by preaching him the disadvantages of his profession and provoking him to leave his career in boxing.

“It may be funny to you but I call it rotten.”
Qu.1- Who is the speaker here? What is his state of mind?
Ans.- Harold is the speaker here and at this time he is very angry.

Qu.2-What does ‘it’ refer to? Why does he call it rotten?
Ans. ‘It ’ here refers to the plan to keep things from him. He calls it rotten because he feels cheated as he is about to lose his bet.

Qu.3- Why, according to the speaker they have kept the truth from him?
Ans.According to the speaker they have kept it because it sounds funny to them.

“I could swank like anything. And they don’t know how sick a chap gets of having chaps call him ‘goggles’ “
Qu.1- What does the speaker repent? Why ?
Ans.- The speaker repents on having lost the opportunity to be the centre of attention in the school as he does not know his father’s being a famous boxer ‘Young Porky’ till now.

Qu.2- What does the speaker dislike? How could he have avoided it?
Ans.The speaker dislikes others’ calling him ‘goggles’ teasingly . He could have avoided it by swanking as the son of famous ‘Young Porky’.

Qu.3- How does the speaker react to the revelation of the truth?
Ans.- The speaker at first gets angry after that he gets excited and finally he feels proud to be the son of famous ‘Young Porky’.

Short answer type questions- (30 – 40 words)
Qu.1- How was Harold different from other children? OR How was Harold ‘a constant source of amazement’ to his mother.
Ans- Harold was a perfect model of goodness and intelligence. He was devoted to books and could compose poems. He had an admirable bahviour. He had won the spelling and dictation prize. His parents found him superior and belonging to an upper class. Thus Harold was different from other children.

Qu.2- What made the Brambles to hide the truth from Harold? OR What did the Brambles keep from Harold and why?
Ans.- the Brambles found Harold a class superior to them. For them Harold was a delicate and intelligent child with immense sensitivity They were afraid that Harold would look down upon his father’s boxing profession. So to save Harold from social disgrace they decided to keep truth from Harold.

Qu. 3- How did Mrs. Bramble behave with Harold and why?
Ans.- Mrs. Bramble was greatly concerned about Harold and his upbringing. She was proud to have given birth to the prodigious child. She considered him to be superior and classy. Hence to express her love for him she behaved very tenderly and politely with him.

Qu.4- What did the Brambles do to keep his profession a secret from Harold? How did they plan to keep it a secret forever?
Ans.- The Brambles told Harold that his father was a commercial traveler. They did not let any news regarding his father’s professional achievements reach him. Besides Mr. Bramble had decided to call a day after the upcoming fight. He planned to work as an instructor at some schools or college so that Harold might never know his father’s profession.
Qu.5- How did Bill’s attitude change towards boxing over the time? Why?
Ans.- Bill used to be proud of his boxing abilities he loved to appear in print and used to read out to everyone. Them Harold came into his life. He found Harold too delicate and sensitive to tell him anything about his boxing profession. It made him afraid of appearing in print. He even decided to leave boxing forever.

Qu.6 Why did Mr. Brambale decide to leave boxing right before the big fight?
What reason did Bramble give to Jerry for leaving the boxing right before the big fight?
Ans. Mr. Bramble decided to leave Boxing for Harold’s sake. It was going to be a big fight. It would feature in almost all the newspapers. Then Harold would get to know the truth. So, to hide the truth from Harold, Bill decided to leave boxing right before the big fight.

Q.7. How did Mrs. Bramble react to Bill’s decision and why?
What reason did Mrs. Bramble give to Bill for his fighting at the National club?
Ans. Mrs. Bramble was very upset to know about Bill’s decision to leave boxing right before the big fight. She opposed his decision and reminded him about the money it would bring them. The money was required to provide Harold a better start in life. So, she asked Bill to fight at National for Harold’s sake.

Q.8. Who was Mr. Jerry Fisher? Why did he come to Bramble’s house?
Ans. Mr. Jerry Fisher was Bill’s trainer at the White Hart. He was training Bill for the big fight against Murphy when Percy managed to convince him to leave boxing for Harold’s sake. Jerry came to Bramble’s house to take Bill back with him. He also wanted to punish Percy for interfering with Bill’s training.

Q.9. Why was Jerry angry at Percy?
“I know it’s him that’s at the bottom of it.”
Whom did the speaker blame and why?
Describe Percy’s role in Bill’s deciding to leave boxing right before the big fight?
Ans. Percy kept sending letters and tracts to Bill and convinced him of boxing being a low profession. He also convinced Bill to leave it for Harold’s sake. He succeeded in his endeavours a week before the big fight. With his help, Bill ran away from the White Hart. That is why, Mr. Fisher blamed Percy for distracting Bill.

Q.1O. What did Mr. Fisher do to take revenge from Mr. Bramble and Percy?
Why did Mr. Fisher told Harold the truth about Bill’s profession?
Ans. Mr. Fisher was highly offended by Bill’s breaking the training a week before the big fight at the National. So to take revenge, he decided to reveal the well-guarded truth to Harold so as to make all their endeavours useless.

Q.11. Under what circumstances did the truth dawn upon Harold?
Ans. The truth dawned upon Harold when he returned from the walk and was able to listen to the conversation partially. The rest was revealed in clear words by Mr. fisher in an attempt to take revenge from Mr. Bramble and Percy.

Q.12. How did Harold react to the revelation of the well-guarded truth?
Ans. Harold was shocked and displeased at the revelation of the well-guarded truth. He called it ‘rotten’ on their part to hide the fact from him, thus snatching from him the deserved respect and fame of being the son of a famous boxer. He was also worried about his losing the bet if Bill would not fight Murphy.

Q.13. What did Harold want his father to do ? Why? Or Why did Bill take back his decision of leaving boxing?
Ans. Harold expressed great happiness and pride on knowing that his father was the famous ‘Young Porky’. He was hoping to be respected by his classmates. He also was worried about his money that he had put on bet. He wanted Bill to defeat Murphy. Therefore, for Harold’s sake, Bill took his decision back.

Q.14. What kind of a man was Mr. Bill Bramble?
Mr. Bramble comes across as the mildest and most obliging of men’. Explain.
What kind of father was Mr. Bramble to Harold?
Ans. Mi. Bramble appears to be the mildest and most obliging of men. He could easily be beguiled at the name of Harold. He was a devoted and doting father who sacrificed all his fame, money and career for Harold’s sake. He was also a loving and self-sacrificing husband.

Q.15. Describe Percy Stokes.
What role did Percy Stokes play in t.he Bramble’s hiding the truth from Harold?
Ans. Percy Stokes was a shrewd man with an excessive self-pride. He considered himself to be an authority on every matter. He convinced the Brambles to hide the truth from Harold and later Bill to give up boxing as it was a low profession. He was responsible for Bill’s breaking his training a week before the big fight. He interpreted it as the dawn of the bright light.

Answer the following questions in about 150.175 words each.
Q.1. What kind of a child was Harold ? Why was he kept from the truth?
Suppose you are Mrs. Bramble. In a page of your diary, describe your son and your pride on being his mother. Also describe your decision to hide the truth from ‘Harold.
Ans. Dec 15, 2010
How proud as well as anxious we feel on being blessed with such a prodigious son! Harold is so different from the ordinary children. He is very intelligent and has literary tastes. He has a perfect and admirable behaviour and can impress anyone with his graceful and delicate manners. Even we, his own parents, are a bit afraid of him. He seems to be superior and a class higher to us. We don’t know how Harold defeated the laws of heredity to become quite opposite to us. His father is all brawn while Harold is all brains. We really are thankful to God for blessing us with Harold.
But being parents to a prodigy has its side effects also. Harold is so sensitive and delicate that he must not be told about his father’s boxing profession. Boxing s all about revenge, attack and wrath. It may affect him negatively. Secondly, he may dislike Bill for it. Besides the senior curator of the parish, Bill and Percy all believe that it must be kept from Harold. So, I think it is absolutely correct to hide the truth from Harold till Bill leaves this profession.
I hope we are doing the right thing,
Mrs. Bramble.

Q.2. What sacrifices did Mr. Bramble make for Harold’s sake ? Why?
Ans.-He really is a far better father than a husband. He deals with wrath all the time but in his private life he is the mildest and most obliging of men. Anybody can persuade him. He loves Harold very much. I have seen him changing gradually day by day since Harold’s birth. He is proud to have a son like Harold but it has been a great problem for him as welL He cannot let his sensitive and highly delicate son know about his raw and bloody profession. He has made several sacrifices to hide his truth from Harold. He loved to appear in newspapers and share his achievements with all but now he shivers at his pictures in the newspapers and mails. He runs to hide them from Harold. He stays at home for a very little period to avoid answering to Harold’s questions. He has decided to leave ioxing and work as an instructor at some school or college. But today, he is running away from the life time opportunity to fight Murphy at the National just because it is too big an affair to hide from Harold. He is ready to lose all his fame, passion, money as well as career for Harold. What else can a father do for his son. I appreciate his decision and his love for Harold but his fight at the National is very important for Harold. The money earned from here will help Harold take a good start in life. How can Bill let the opportunity slip from his hands. He has made so many sacrifices for Harold’s sake. For his sake, he will have to take this risk. I wish I could make him reconsider his decision.
Yours sincerely
Mrs. Bramble
Q.3. What made Jerry Fisher do the unexpected-tell the truth to Harold?
Suppose you are Jerry. Describe the circumstances that provoked you to tell Harold the much guarded truth. Also describe your feelings towards Bill and Percy.
Ans. Mr. Jerry Fisher was the trainer-instructor of Mr. Bill Bramble. He was working hard to train Bill for the big fight with Murphy at the National Club. He knew Bill could easily be persuaded. So, he has banned anyone, especially Major Percy Stokes, from meeting Bill. He considered Percy to be a pretentious and boastful person who loved to be authoritative and had always been a wrong influence on Bill. Percy wanted Bill to leave boxing. He called it the dawn of the bright light. That’s why when Jerry heard about Percy’s arrival at the White Hart and could not find Bill anywhere he understood that Percy had succeeded in his ‘selfless’ mission right a week before Bill’s big fight with Murphy at the National Boxing Club. He did not blame.
Bill for it as he knew Bill was the most obliging of men. He rushed to the Bramble’s house to free Bill from Percy’s influence and take him back to the White Hart to prepare him for the big fight. But Bill confronted him and declined to return and resume his training, Jerry lost his temper. He disliked Bill for this betrayal and tried to answer Percy suitably. When he could not do so, he decided to take revenge. Finding Harold in front of him, Jerry found it the best form of revenge — to tell the truth to Harold and to undo all the hard work and sacrifices made by the Brambles all through their lives. Jerry actually liked Bill very much and, it gave him the courage to take the risk of telling it all to Harold to help Bill free from his lifelong self imposed hibernation. And he acts as the catalyst to let it happen .Therefore, Jerry was a true well wisher, trainer and manager as well as a loyal friend of Bill.

Q.4. Suppose you are Harold. You got to know about your father’s real profession and his being ‘the Young Porky’. Describe your thoughts and feelings about Bill’s decision to quit boxing. Also express your reason to press your father to continue boxing in a page of your diary in about 150 – 175 words.
Ans. 25th Nov., 2010
10 : 00 p.m.
How great it feels to be the son of the ‘Young Porky’ — the famous boxer with the overpowering left hook! I can imagine how surprised my friends and other children will be to know this. They will treat me with great respect. Nobody will dare call me ‘Goggles.’ I will be the centre of attention in the whole school. Everyone will ask me for my father’s photographs and autographs. Everyone will seek my friendship. The students who tease me for my being the teacher’s favourite will now be afraid of me. Oh! It all seems to be a dream. But it could have been a reality had my parents not decided to keep it from me. They thought that I would hate my father for being a man of wrath. They did it for my sake. They made several sacrifices for it. Oh, they don’t know how much I like boxing. I had always been a keen fan of the boxing and particularly ‘the Young Porky’. I had always supported him and had even made money by betting on him. But now when I am dreaming of being the object of respect, adulation and envy of all the other children, my father ‘the great young Porky’ has already left boxing and that’s too, just a week before the big fight at the National. Why should I be deprived of all the good luck? Oh, it is the silliest idea. It will shatter my dream of being celebrated as the son of the Young Porky as well as make me poor. I have undertaken a lot of trouble to study form and to save my pocket- money to bet on Young Porky’s winning over Murphy and then winning the event itself. If father leaves boxing, I will lose my money and respect. No, it cannot be so. I won’t let father leave boxing like this. I will tell him how proud I am to be his son.
I hope he will understand my feelings and withdraw his decision.
Q.5. You are Bill Bramble. You have taken a decision to keep ‘it’ from Harold and are all set to leave boxing for Harold’s sake. You were afraid to tell him the truth. But Harold’s reaction took you by surprise. Describe your feelings and reasons to revert your decision to a friend of yours in a letter in about 150 – 175 words.
Ans.- Prepare the answer yourself with your own logic.

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