Chapter 11- Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth (NCERT Sol.)

By | November 22, 2016

Page No: 85

  1. On the basis of your reading of the poem, complete the following table. 
Stages in the life of the poet
(a) Youth

eating toffees




(b) Adulthood_____________________
gazing at the dentist in despair.


Stages in the life of the poet
(a) Youth

eating toffees
chewing sweet sticky food
picking and licking lollies and candies, eating large and small sherbet dabs.


Paving way to cavities, caps and decay.

(b) AdulthoodGoing to the dentist due to tooth decay, amalgamation, drilling and fillings.gazing at the dentist in despair.

Page No: 86

4. On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following questions by ticking the correct choice.
(a) The title ‘Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth’ expresses ____________.
(i) regret                  (ii) humour                     (iii) longing                  (iv) pleasure
Answer – (i) regret
(b) The conscience of the speaker pricks her as she has ______________.
(i) been careless  (ii) been ignorant (iii) been fun loving (iv) been rude
Answer- (i) been careless
(c) The speaker says that she has paved the way for cavities and decay by _________.
(i) eating the wrong food and not brushing (ii) not listening to his mother
(iii) laughing at his mother’s false teeth (iv) not listening to the dentist
Answer (i)eating the wrong food and not brushing
(d) The tone of the narrator is one of ____________.
(i) joy (ii) nostalgia (iii) regret (iv) sorrow
Answer(iii) regret

5. Answer the following questions.
(a) “…But up-and-down brushin’
And pokin’ and fussin’
Didn’t seem worth the time – I could bite!”
What do these lines convey?
Answer – These lines show that the poet did not realise the importance of regular brushing and proper hygiene,

(b) Why did the poet go to the dentist? How could she have avoided it?
Answer The poet went to the dentist to get her teeth treated. Due to unhealthy eating habits her teeth had developed cavities. She could have avoided it if she had brushed her teeth properly and regularly.

(c) “If you got a tooth, you got a friend.” What do you understand from the line?
AnswerA tooth is like a friend. It gives beauty to our face help us to chew and maintain proper health. It does a lot like a true friend.

(d) With reference to the poem, how can you look after your teeth?
Answer (i) Regular brushing twice a day.
(ii) Avoiding sweet and sticky food
(iii) Regular dental checkup

(e) Given an appropriate proverb that conveys the message that this poem carries.
Answer – “Prevention is better than cure.”

(7).Read the following statement where “I” refers to “you” “I can’t afford to, after what Jack’s done to his teeth.” What is it, you think you can’t afford and why? Write a diary entry of not less than 125 words.
01November2016 11.20 pm
My friend did not come to school today, so I just dropped in to see him after school. He was in bed with the left side of his face all swollen and in pain. He had a toothache. I never thought tooth aches could be so painful! He had gone to the dentist who had extracted one of his teeth on the lower jaw because it had cavities. He told jack it was because he ate so many toffees and did not brush his teeth properly. He also told him that he would have to take out two more teeth after the swelling came down! I am frightened! I love eating sweets as much as jack does. But I suppose I can’t afford to like them so much anymore I have to brush my teeth properly if I don’t want cavities in my teeth.

2. In line 35, the poet has misspelt the word “amalgam”. Why do you think she has done that? Discuss.
AnswerThe word has been misspelt to create a pun with the word “gum”. On one hand, the word “amalgam” refers to the mixture of mercury and filling used by the dentist to make fillings while the word “gum” refers to the tissues in the jaw area in which the teeth lie embedded.


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