Solved Omission Exercises For Class IX and X

By | October 15, 2017

Integrated Grammar Omission Exercises in Paragraphs

Following are the exercises for omission  class 9 and 10 English and o level English editing exercises with answers. If you want to become a professional grammar editor, just practice the following grammar exercises. These exercises are known by many names like  proofreading exercises,  paragraph correction, omission  Passage, etc. These Omission grammar exercises with answers for class 9 and 10 CBSE will make you a professional editor. Revising and editing is a positive attitude. These everyday edit exercises will add another pearl of knowledge to your string. Kindly note that these are always integrated exercises.


  1. Omission Exercise 1 and 2 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  2. Omission Exercise 3 and 4 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  3. Omission Exercise 5 and 6 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  4. Omission Exercise 7 and 8 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  5. Omission Exercise 9 and 10 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  6. Omission Exercise 11 and 12 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  7. Omission Exercise 13 and 14 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  8. Omission Exercise 15 and 16 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  9. Omission Exercise 17 and 18 for Class IX and X (Solved)
  10. Omission Exercise 19 and 20 for Class IX and X (Solved
  11. Omission Exercise 21 and 22 for Class IX and X (Solved)








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