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Class 11 & 12 Speech Writing Sample and Example

Some Solved Examples of Speech Are:-

1.You are a Minister of State for Tourism. Write a speech in 150-200 words regarding the growth of the tourism industry.

Ans. Good morning everyone. Today I am here to discuss the growth of the tourism industry. One can easily notice that there are noticeable changes in the character of Indian tourism, from a trip of pilgrimage to pleasure trips. A sort of organized tourism in India started in the 1950s and over the years, the Indian tourism industry has grown considerably as is indicated by the arrival of foreign tourists. The number of foreigners has substantially increased over the years.

 The Incredible India advertisement campaign has undoubtedly been a reason for the increased tourist’s arrivals. This industry also possesses vast employment potential. Millions of people have been employed in hospitality services by 2015. It has provided more than 25 million jobs and indirectly more generated jobs.

The ministry of tourism has adopted many policies to combat the obstacles which come in the way of the development of tourism in our country. Every possible effort has been made to put India on the map of the world tourism industry.

This industry’s every sector, including hotels, lodging services, retail market, warehousing, transport, finance, insurance, food and beverage industry is flourishing. I assure you that tourism will contribute to the country’s GDP to a great extent and will provide more and more employment opportunities.

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2. Corruption is an evil which prevails in each and every nook and cranny of our lives. As president of the student council, write a speech, expressing the need to curb this evil immediately.

 Ans.                                                                Corruption

Respected principal, worthy teachers and my dear friends: today I am going to express my views on the topic; “Corruption is an Evil and the Need to Crush it”.

What is corruption? It is basically the act of bribery and fraud for indulging in unfair practices to fulfil personal motives. This evil is present in the society since time immemorial. This evil has gone into each sector and has become a common practice.

 What could be the causes for indulging in corruption? These could be lust for power, money, property and prestige. It is a ladder of success through which people reach the top using undue favours and means and disregarding the regulations and norms.

Corruption is rampant in many forms like nepotism, dereliction of duty, wastage of public property, getting admissions. Corruption is eating into the rights of common man and is harming our image. CWG, Adarsh Society, Chit fund scams all these have been a result of utmost corruption and eaten the money and rights of the public.

 Being the youth of the society, we should act fast to make our nation corruption-free. The movement led by Anna Hazare for Jan Lok Pal Bill is one of the biggest movements against corruption in the nation’s history.

Corruption starts from the bottom and reaches the top, thus it needs to be curbed at the ground level. There should be a monitoring committee with excellent vigilance to keep a check on corrupt officials and activities. There should be strict penalty and punishment for corrupt people. We need to make more and more people aware and help them to raise their voice and curb corruption.

 Thank you.

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3. As an active member of the Science Club of your school, write a speech on the topic ‘Advantages of Nuclear Power’. You are Raghav/Ramita of S.P. International school.

 Ans.                                                    ‘Advantages of Nuclear Power’

Respected principal, worthy teachers and my dear friends. It is a matter of great privilege for me, Raghav, that I have got an opportunity to share my view on the Advantages of Nuclear Power’. Atomic energy and technology possess a vast potential to improve the quality of life. It’s a gift to mankind for fulfilling many of its needs.

With the advent of the technology of nuclear power, there is a commendable increase in the development of the medical sector. A complex disease like cancer, leprosy, etc. can be treated using nuclear power technology. This has saved many lives in an easy and less complex manner.

 In the field of agriculture and industry, production has increased manifold with the use of nuclear technology, It has helped this sector to progress and prosper a lot. If we talk about defence, the surveillance capacity has improved a lot with the use of this technology. Now we have more weapons and devices which operate on this technology. Thus, nuclear power is safeguarding the nation. In the field of basic amenities, this technology works in the form of reverse osmosis which purifies water and spares us from the till effects of unsafe water. The most important contribution is electricity. The electricity supply has increased drastically with the advent of nuclear power reactors.

In a nutshell, nuclear power has changed our lives for the better. Similarly, there are some things which need to be taken care of in this regard. It should not be used to destroy life or using it in wars.

It should serve mankind.

Thank you,

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