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Ch. 6 Virtually True

                                                  Virtually True Exercise based on Students’ Response (1)(3=3 marks each) Read the extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow. 1, 1 suddenly saw the photograph that went with the story, and gasped.… Read More »

Ch.13- The Dear Departed (EXTRA Qu.)

THE DEAR DEPARTED REFERENCE TO CONTEXT – MCQs Read the following extracts and choose the correct option. 1. Mrs Slater : “I’m amazed at you, Victoria, I really am. How can you go gallivanting about in the street with your grandfather lying dead and cold upstairs, I don’t know. Be off now, and change your dress before your… Read More »

Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments (Extra Qu.)

                       Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments       (by William Shakespeare) Extract Based Questions- Read the extracts below and answer the questions that follow. Write the answers in short- 1. ‘Not marble, nor the gilded monuments Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;’ (a) What does the poet mean by marble?… Read More »

The Mirror (Extra Qu.)

                                                          The Mirror        (By- Silvia Plath) Qu1- ‘I have no preconceptions’. Who says this?     Ans. Mirror Qu.2-    What separates the mirror and the wall? Ans. People who see their reflection Qu. 3-   The moon and the candle are liars because Ans. everything looks good in dim light  Qu.4-    The lady looks into the mirror and her eyes… Read More »

Ch. 7- The Frog and the Nightingale (Extra Qu.)

                                 Frog and the Nightingale                                                                                    By Vikram Seth Short answer type questions- Qu.1- ‘I don’t think the song’s divine    But – oh – well – at least it’s mine.’ What does the nightingale imply by the last line?             Ans.- She sings from her heart Qu.2- ‘So the frog and nightingale journeyed up and down… Read More »

A Shady Plot (Extra Qu.)

A Shady Plot   ( Elsic Brown) EXTRACTS BASED QUESTIONS Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow : 1. “I am going back to my grandmother. My lawyer will communicate with you later ?” (CBSE–SA-2–2012–61008) (a) Who speaks the above lines ? (b) Why is she going back to her grandmother ? (c) What effect… Read More »

THE LETTER (Extra Qu.)

                                            THE LETTER    (By Dhumaketu) Ques1:    Describe the early morning scene, when Ali visited the post Office.      Ans:    The whole town was asleep at that time, more due to the cold and biting wind. Ali plodded on his way to the Post office, drawing his tattered clothes tighter, to shield his body. He heard the sound… Read More »

Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger (Extra Qu.)

                                          Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger (By Saki) Extract Based Questions Read the following passages taken from ‘Mrs. packletides Tiger’ and answer the given questions. 1. ‘Mrs. Packletide had already arranged in her mind the lunch she would give at… Read More »

1. Two Gentlemen of Verona (EXTRA Qu.)

                    Two Gentlemen of Verona   (By A.J. Cronin)                                                                  1)What had happened to the parents and the house of Nicola and Jacopo? Ans- Nicola and Jacopo had lost their mother earlier only. Their father, who was an established singer, was killed in the war when Italy was attacked by Germany. Their house was blown off by a bomb,… Read More »