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Selfish Giant Became Selfless

 Selfish Giant Became Selfless So he crept downstairs and opened the front door quite softly, and went out into the garden. But when the children saw him, they were so frightened that they all ran away, and the garden became winter again. Only the little boy did not run, for his eyes were so full of tears that… Read More »

Advantages of Early Rising

Advantages of Early Rising The great advantage of early rising is the good start it gives us to our day’s work. The early: riser has done a large amount of hard work before other men have got out of bed. In the early morning the mind is fresh, and there are few sounds or other distractions, so the… Read More »


Machines Machines have, in fact, become the slaves of modern life. They do more and more work that human beings did in the past. Think for a moment of the extent to which machines do work for you. You wake perhaps to the alarm of the clock or mobile. You glance at the machine by the bedside to… Read More »


Vidyasagar Vidyasagar was a very generous and charitable man. From his earliest years he helped the poor and needy to the utmost of his power. As a boy at school he often gave some of the little food, he had, to eat to another boy who had none. If one of his school fellows fell ill, little Ishwar… Read More »

Good Manners

Good Manners Good manners are not inherited. And they don’t come naturally to intelligent people. They have to be learnt and practiced. They are based upon the concept of consideration for others. They are easy to acquire and there is nothing more profitable. Good manners are a necessary complement in every walk of life, especially in business. Organisations… Read More »


Walking For a student, walking is preferable to all exercises. The advantage of this mode of exercise is that it is simple. The apparatus is all at hand. You need not wait for the importation of machinery. It is in the open air that the lungs can at once receive the pure air of heaven and the eyes… Read More »


Fuel Fuel is a material that is burned in order to get heat and light and also to generate power. The Process of burning is a chemical reaction. A material combines with oxygen from the air and gives off energy. The energy is given off in the form of heat and light. Fuels Deepak En can also be… Read More »

Cheating- A Major Defect

Cheating – A Major Defect Cheating in examinations is a major defect of our educational system. The cheating has become so common that students consider it their birthright to use unfair means in examination. The root cause of this evil lies in our schools. Short-cuts have replaced hard labour. Guides and notes are encouraged in place of text… Read More »

A Great Book

A Great Book The test of a great book is whether we want to read it only once or more than once. Any really great book we want to read the second time even more than we wanted to read it the first time and every additional time that we read it, we find new meanings and new… Read More »


Language Language is a wonderful gift given to man. No animal possesses this gift, but they have their own way of expressing themselves. When a rabbit sees an enemy, it runs away into its hole. Its tail, which is white, bobs up and down as it runs. The other rabbits see it and they run too. They know… Read More »

Enormous Increase in Population

Enormous Increase in Population Why is this enormous increase in population taking place? Is it really due to the spread of the knowledge and the practice of what is coming to be called Death control. You have heard of birth control. Death control is something rather different. Death control recognizes the work of the doctors and the nurses… Read More »

The Song of Birds

The Song of Birds The song of many birds seems beautiful to us. That is why it is called song, for it reminds us of human song. We do not know birds themselves consider their song beautiful, although we to believe that they do. What birds feel we will never know because they have no means of telling… Read More »


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow- Food Food can maintain or save life. It can destroy life as well. Proper food serves the purpose of medicine. Improper food works as poison and causes diseases. We may take pride in calling ourselves civilized; but we flout all the norms about the quality or quantity… Read More »

Travelling By Air

Read the following passage carefully:                                                            Travelling By Air Airplanes have the reputation of being dangerous and even hardened travellers are intimidated by them. They also have the grave disadvantage of being the most expensive form of transport but nothing can match them for speed and comfort, Travelling at a height of 30,000 feet, far above the clouds,… Read More »