ASL Topic- National Integration- The Need of the Hour

By | September 3, 2016

                                National Integration- The Need of the Hour

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

hat does national integration means? It means the unity and solidarity of the country. National integration is a matter of great concern for us today. Our country is very vast; our people belong to different castes, creeds, and colours. They speak many languages. It has been difficult all along to hold them together. We lost our independence in the past because of these differences. Our history bears testimony to all this. Now, that we are free , it is our bounden duty to preserve our freedom in the face of internal dissentions and threats of aggression.                  
From time to time committees and commissions have been appointed to suggest measures to achieve this end. There has been an invisible thread of unity binding the different parts. Unity in diversity has been our strength. At the time of the Gandhian movement we united to win our freedom from foreigners Bharat Mata is still the idea uniting us. We all the citizens of India should stand united to achieve national security.

Q. What are the measures can be taken to remain united?
A.- We need to be tolerant as well as should think of the others also while working for ourselves.
Q. What do you mean by tolerant?
A. Tolerant means that we should deliberately practice or permit a thing to which one disapproves. One can meaningfully speak of tolerating as to bear or endure the practices of others.

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