89.Short Essay and Article on Traffic Jam

By | July 14, 2018

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 Traffic jams, accidents and rash driving are a common sight in metro cities. You are Aryan/Aanchal, captain of Tagore House of your school. Write an article in 100-120 words, on “Traffic Jam”, highlighting the hectic life of modern society, increase in the number of vehicles modernization leading to a rise in demand for vehicles, the cause of accidents and steps to control them.

 Ans.                                                                   Traffic Jam

Life has become too monotonous amid modernization. People are always on the run, after money or material comforts. Status symbols have taken the lead in our society. One such is the owning of vehicles. Despite their convenience, their hindrances are many. How many of us prefer using a vehicle over ‘walking’ to our destination. Every one of us wants to own a vehicle. We take pride in owning it without bothering about how it brings chaos on the road. The increased number of vehicular traffic is leading to traffic jams and rash driving. Two-wheeler owners don’t mind pushing the pedestrians to the edges of the road to gain space for their movement. Even riding on pavements has become a common sight. This leaves no place for walkers. Today’s youngsters, even children at the age of 12, feel that riding a bike/scooty would give them a hero’s status. Being still a learner at school how is it possible for them to learn the traffic rules? Their parents show their status when they get the vehicle for their child. These kids are so energetic that they feel if they go at high speed, they are brave! Most of such kids, however, end up in accidents-either hitting poor passerby or being hits by any other vehicles, We the people, including the parents, should consider all these aspects and devise methods such as walking, using public transport and carpooling as healthy alternatives to personal vehicles.

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