87.Short Essay and Article on Junk Food — Enemy of Health

By | July 14, 2018

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 Write an article on ‘Junk Food — Enemy of Health’ in about 100-120 words. — increase obesity — hazardous for health — loss of energy and stamina.

Ans.                                                 Junk Food — Enemy of Health

How many of us prefer a cola over a glass of juice ‘? We can say almost every one of us. We feel happy whenever we find a chance of grabbing a plateful of our favourite junk food from eating outlets. A nicely decorated cheese pizza always tingles our taste buds, then a homemade chapatti or parantha stuffed with vegetables. Junk foods have almost conquered our taste buds. Roasted plain nuts do not find a place in our evening snacks any more. Instead, there arse the pasta, masala noodles or wafers which we munch even if we are very hungry and even if it is time for our lunch. In fact, we never say no to such snacks at any time of the day. Now, the stark truth is that these foods are based on refined flour which makes our digestion slow. The wafers or crackers have high salt content and the chemical `Monosodium Glutamate’ salt in them which, the doctors point out affect brain growth in children. Too much junk food also leads to obesity and other complications like Blood pressure, Diabetes, heart blockage even among adolescents. These foods may fill our stomach but at the same time take away the nutrients in our body hindering the normal functioning of our body. Thus we lose our energy and stamina in the long run.

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