75.Short Essay and Article on The Plight of Animals  

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 You are a member of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in your locality. Write an article in 100- 120 words on why animals are ill-treated and what can be done to prevent it. You are Ram/Rani.

 Indifferent attitude – 35%; Belief that animals are man’s slaves – 15%; Animals are exploited for selfish interest.                                                                                                                  

 Ans.                                                                                      The Plight of Animals  

Animals have always been victims at the hands of humanity. People turn a blind eye to the ill-treatment meted out to the animals. Since the beginning of civilization, man has believed that animals are his slaves and used them accordingly. He tamed some animals, some were kept as domestic animals and some were hunted for food. This abuse continues in the present day. The circus is still a popular form of entertainment and draws huge crowds. No one really bothers about the pitiable state of those animals. Stray dogs are treated mercilessly everywhere. Many animals stray into populated areas after losing their natural habitat. They also become an easy target. Animals are exploited for selfish interests of man. Chicken, pigs, buffaloes are bred and raised in horrible conditions in factories. We need to spread awareness about this cruelty of mankind to ensure that animals also flourish on this planet.

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