74.Short Essay and Article on Power of Positive Thinking

By | July 14, 2018

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 Altogether too many people are defeated by the everyday problems of life. They spend a lifetime adopting a pessimistic attitude, at what they consider the ‘bad breaks’ of life. As a member of the Health Club of your school, you are deeply concerned about concerned about this growing pessimistic attitude amongst students. Using the hints given below, together with your own ideas, write an article in 100-120 words on the `Power of Positive Thinking’ for your school magazine

Hints: Life is full of hardships – do not let hardships dominate your mind – believe in yourself -control ‘bad breaks’ in life – do not live in sense of dull resentment – do things of interest-energize your life – keep your enthusiasm alive – carry out your ambitions and hopes – yoga and meditation – great healers.

Ans.                                                         Power of Positive Thinking

A positive outlook on life is one of the most powerful assets one can have. Positive people expect success, good health, happiness, wealth and good relationships and those things tend to show up in their lives. This is not because they are already successful, or because they are more confident and thus more outgoing, it is simply the attitude. This is a basic law attract’ positive thoughts breed positive results. Your thoughts are much more powerful electric signals between synapses; they affect your life and those around you.

Life is hard but still, you have to live. Life is full of bad as well as good events. Ignore frame breaks in life and cherish good ones. Maintain a Positive frame of mind. That is what will keep you moving on.

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