71.Short Essay and Article on  Fighting Terrorism Needs Public Initiative

By | July 14, 2018

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 The menace of terrorism is something all of us have to fight against in our own way. Look at the data given below and write an article in 100-120 words on Fighting Terrorism Needs Public Initiative’.

  1. To support the fight against terrorism                 
  2. Why is the police ineffective
  3. Accept stricter security checks
  4. Lack of manpower
  5. Report immediately if you suspect something
  6. Lack of updated and proper equipment
  7. Refuse to spread rumours                                         
  8. Corruption in the ranks
  9. Take part in de-congesting crowds
  10. Lack of proper training
  11. Promote communal harmony in your city
  12. Ineffective intelligence system

Ans.                                              Fighting Terrorism Needs Public Initiative

Tackling terrorism requires us to ensure that we become more alert, vigilant and patriotic. We have to support the fight against terrorism. For that, we need to accept stricter security checks ourselves and promote them, as well. We must report immediately to the police if we suspect something. We should refuse to spread rumours and take part in de-congesting crowds instead. We must promote communal harmony in our city. Just as we live peacefully in our families, it is our moral and social obligation to live cordially with all.

At this point, police should also introspect as to why sometimes they are failing in performing their duties. There can be some possible attributes like lack of manpower, lack of updated and proper equipment, corruption at various levels, lack of proper intelligence and ineffective intelligence system. We must co-operate with the police and other authorities so that fight with terrorism can be better accomplished. Finally, proper co-operation from all is required to win against terrorism.

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