69.Short Essay and Article on ‘Girl child needs good education and support’

By | July 14, 2018

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 You are Aseem/Seema of class X. You are disturbed to see the poor plight of girls as they are not given equal rights and privileges. You decide to write an article for your school magazine on the topic, ‘Girl child needs a good education the support’. Look at the visuals given below and give suggestions to improve he position of the girl child for the social and economic develop country. (100-120 words) Let us give our girls a chance to learn and grow

Ans.                                            ‘Girlchild needs good education and support’

There used to be the times when the birth of a girl was considered as an ill-omen in the house. The families felt so much disappointed that they cursed their women and even did not provide them required amenities and food. They went on taunting them about the girl and mistreated them. The ladies too had no alternative but to face all the tensions, tortures and troubles helplessly. The girls were debarred even from seeking primary education, especially in the villages. Then, we were slaves and the Britishers took no steps for the upliftment of Indian ladies.

In many parts of the country, girls are still discouraged from going to schools and colleges. They are made to work at homes for fear of sexual harassment of the teenage girls. As a result, a sizable section of the Indian population is deprived of education. In spite of all the progress made in the country, girls are still not treated at par with boys. This is because; all the girls are not given education. Hence, there is an urgent need for the education of girls. Many schemes are being launched now to educate the girls. CBSE scholarship scheme to every single girl child is showing magical results. The government policy of giving free education to girls will revolutionize the society. Girls are outpacing boys in many fields. However, the country will make all round progress only when all girls are highly educated

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