66.Short Essay and Article on The Role of Schools in Preventing Communicable Diseases

By | July 14, 2018

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The Role of Schools in Preventing Communicable Diseases

 Before we embark on addressing this topic, we should try to understand about communicable diseases. Surely, communicable diseases, as the very word ‘communicable’ implies are those diseases which are communicated from person to person. This communication of diseases often takes place through certain media such as air or water.

The commonest communicable diseases ale T.B, asthma, bronchitis, cholera, Hepatitis B and C, diarrhoea, dysentery, etc. In order to prevent these diseases, it is essential to keep the atmosphere neat, clean and hygienic such as not to create an ambience for the concerned bacteria to grow and flourish.

It is essential to take effective steps to prevent the multiplication of flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. which act as agents who carry the disease germs to the victims. Hands must be washed before eating and all clothes and utensils must be kept clean and washed after every usage. Preventive vaccines for diseases such as Hepatitis, cholera, measles, etc. must he got inoculated quite in time.

As for the school’s role in preventing communicable diseases, effective and well-meaning functions for the purpose may be held in schools, where people from the town and adjoining villages can be invited. At such functions, causes of such diseases and their remedies can be highlighted.

Students should be encouraged to visit slums and rural areas, especially during summer vacation, to enlighten the people regarding the necessity of keeping their surroundings clean.

 In case a disease spreads in an epidemic form, schools can be changed into temporary hospitals and dispensaries where the patients, can be treated by experts and the school teachers and students can do all kinds of social service that is necessary to make the campaign a success.

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