64.Short Essay and Article on The Role of Libraries

By | July 14, 2018

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 The Role of Libraries

 It will be a cliché to point out that a library is a treasure house of knowledge. The books which are preserved in the library are actually the lives of great minds and the place where they lie is a haloed place. But, so, these minds are not dead. They are very much alive. It is only that we should have the will and guts to speak to them.        

A library is everything to the man who wants to further his knowledge. He who wants to make some research in any field or him who wants to excel in studies or just to brush up his knowledge can realize the real and full value of libraries.

It is of utmost significance that good libraries must be there in every- city and town. Even big villages should have a library and/or a reading room.

Books must be kept carefully in libraries. These should be managed by qualified persons who should arrange the books in a proper order such that any book which is required at any time should be easily and quickly available.

Apart from public libraries, owned and managed by the government, university and municipal agencies, there should be some good libraries which should be run by private persons who should have the will and spare funds for the efficient running of libraries.

Any and every individual, who loves books, has to maintain a small library in his house where he keeps books of his necessity and choice. These books should be well-bound and dusted frequently and they should be kept in proper order.

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