6.School Application Format and Example of Application To the Principal suggesting a change of place for the school library

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 To the Principal suggesting a change of place for the school library


 The principal

AKS School

Main  Market,

New delhi


 I am a student member of the School Library Committee. I want to suggest a change of place for the school library. The library is situated on the first floor over the school hall. This is a very unsuitable place for a library. When during the recess period a large number of students want to visit the library, the staircases are packed to capacity and many students get discouraged to visit the library. Moreover, when there is a function in the hall, those scholars who have to visit the library, urgently to complete some specific project can’t concentrate on the work because of the noise emanating from the hall.

 I ‘do, therefore, suggest that the library should be shifted to some other part of the campus and that on the ground floor.

Thank you.

Yours obediently


Class X

 12th July……… 

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