56.Short Essay and Article on  Impact of Continuing Destruction of Wildlife

By | July 14, 2018

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 Leather goods are still in great demand though the government has banned the killing of wild animals. Write an article for the school magazine on the ‘Impact of Continuing Destructions of Wildlife’.

  • The great demand for leather goods

. • The government banned the killing of animals.

  • Killing animals illegally.
  • National parks, wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves to be maintained.
  • Animals at the verge of extinction.
  • Organizations to protect and conserve wildlife.

Ans.                                                     Impact of Continuing Destruction of Wildlife

 By Ramesh

Humans are always so greedy and selfish that they never feel for animals and are worried about the fulfilment of their own wants. That is the primary reason why we are losing our wildlife day by day. Leather goods are still in great demand though the government has banned the killing of wild animals. But as the demand is rising, illegal killing of animals is increasing day by day in national parks. Wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves with the connivance of local officials.

 Many animals are now on the verge of extinction. Ecological balance is going to be disrupted due to this continuous killing of wild animals. Entire forest ecosystem and micro-organism are also disturbed due to this large-scale killing. Even local people who are dependent on forest for their livelihood are suffering.

Many organizations are working in this regard to protect. And preserve wild animals. More awareness also Sedate be created in public in this regard. People should neither buy nor sell leather made products. In fact, the culprits should be legally penalized.

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