38.Short Essay and Article on The Crewing Need for Vocational Education

By | July 13, 2018

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Write an article on “The growing need for Vocational Education’’/ “Education Curriculum requires a fresh perspective”. You are Siya/Sohan.

 Ans.                                          The Crewing Need for Vocational Education

Education is a process which empowers a student to think for himself herself and make his/her decision in life. However, the present day education system puts emphasis on rote-learning and unhealthy competition. Often leads students to depression and even suicide at times. However, if a student is allowed to pursue his / her interests then their personalities would bloom and they would also be successful in their careers. There exists a disparity between market demands and the skills of India’s educated youth. For example, every year 650.000 engineering graduates pass out of whom nearly two-thirds need to re-skilled. so that they can get jobs in the industry. The do elope world requires knowledge workers and ski professionals. By 2020. The developed world will have a shortage of 40 million working people, says a report these figures reveal the shortage of skilled manpower in India in comparison to the jobs existing in the market. This mismatch occurs due to many reasons.

A few of them are as follows:

(a) Low motivation amongst students to pursue vocational education

 (b) The rigid mindset of parents and educators in accepting vocational course,

(c) Many vocational courses that are being offered have become obsolete

(d) There is the poor linkage between institutions offering vocational courses and the private sector. Students often find it difficult to secure proper employment immediately after completing their courses.

In order to keep up with the market demands of India. Students should be encouraged to take up vocational education. They should be allowed to study the subjects they like Teachers and parents must become more open-minded about students’ career and life choices. There should be enough infrastructures to support vocational education. Educational institutes could link up with companies and corporations so that students can be employed soon after they complete their studies. These are a few ways in which the gap between vocational education and market demand for skilled manpower can be bridged.

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