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ASL Topic- Importance of Dress code in Schools

                                             Importance of Dress code in Schools

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

One particular type of group united for the same purpose should wear same type of clothes that is uniform. The concept of uniform is the only most visible element of any school regardless of caste, complexion, social status etc. Uniformity is the symbol of discipline. Uniform is a unique idea for schools because it helps students not to divert their attention to fashionable garments  while at school. If uniforms were non-existent, students might be victimized by others because of expensive clothes they choose to wear.  Attention will  naturally go on the clothes people wear instead of on schoolwork, which is what school is all about. Uniform is the only source to avoid fashion parade from schools. When students wear clothes of their choices on their birthdays even then sometimes objectionable attire is observed. Uniform is the only source to avoid such objection regularly. Each morning, students do not have to waste their time to decide what to wear, they simply get dressed in their uniform. In this way getting ready for school becomes hassle-free for students. Time wasted on deciding what to wear could be better spent on doing schoolwork.

Extension for comment- It makes our life more disciplined as we have to fall in a habit of taking care of a particular attire like every country’s army has a particular uniform. It has been rightly said that whatever we are or whatever we will be in future it is all because of our habits and uniformity is such a habit which binds us in a great discipline which is a great key to success. We can easily judge an institution if its workers are wearing uniform. The same is in schools it is a feeling of equality, it is a feeling of responsibility, it is a feeling of  belonging to one another and ultimately it is a reminder of being in a group assembled for the same purpose. It uniform exists in schools it means that the purpose is kept in mind and being chased.


Qu. Is it really possible to implement dress code in all the school and colleges?
Ans. Yes, I firmly believe that it is really possible to maintain dress code everywhere. Rules should be like army for this. Learners will learn not only uniformity but also a sense of discipline if they are morally inspired with a strict voice.



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ASL Topic- Child Labour

Child Labour

(The following speech is perfect for 1 min. to 1.05 min)

India is unfortunately the home of the largest number of child labourers in the world. Far more unfortunately this number is continuously increasing. The census found an amazing increase in the number of child labourers from 11.28 million to 12.59 million in 2011 census .
 Children toil for 14-16 hours a day in cottonseed production across the country, 40% of the labourer  in precious stone cutting sector are children. They work in mining industry in spite of a harsh ban on the same. More than 60% of workers in bangle making industry at Firozabad are children. In urban areas there is a high employment of children in the zari and embroidery industry.
The main causes of child labour in India are poverty ,lack of social security, privatization of basic services like water supply, electricity sanitation  in urban areas, lack of quality education, using children as domestic workers .This adversely affects children more than anything else. Laws that are meant to protect children from hazardous conditions are ineffective which really needs improvement.

 Qu. What is your suggestion to solve the issue of the child labour?
Ans.-  There are several ways to solve it like- enforcing  labour laws strictly,  increasing family incomes, assured education to all, Family Control or Fertility, Abolish child trafficking, fair business policies



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Assessment of Listening and Speaking (ASL)

ASL- Assessment of Speaking and Listening

A short description for those who are new to the process of 20 marks-

Before ASL- In every class groups of 2 -2 children are made and date is announced for the conduction of ASL. Children perform in the group of two.
Note- the Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) takes 8 minutes for a pair of 2 students to complete. This is actually conducted in three stages.

Stage 1: Introduction (1 minute)
In this stage, the examiner asks both of the candidates their names and a brief introduction. After that, both the candidates are asked some general questions one by one. Like-
1. What is your father?
2. Where do you live?
3. Which is your favourite subject?

Stage 2: Speech (4 minute for both)
The examiner will ask the first Candidate to speak on the topic and the second Candidate will ask questions on the basis of the spoken text. The second candidate will be asked to speak on any other topic and the first candidate will ask questions related to it. The examiner will also ask 2-3 questions to both the Candidates related to their topics.

Stage 3: Problem solving (3 minute)
In this final stage, both the candidates will be given a problematic situation to discuss. Its solution has to be found out.  Nearly 2 minute will be given for conversation on the given problem. The examiner will ask some follow-up questions.

Examples of Problematic situation-
1. One of the children of your class always keeps on speaking and never lets others study. Discuss the problem and tell what will be your advice to solve the problem of this nuisance?
2. Many of your classmates do not bring books and disturb others during study hours. Discuss with your partner why they behave in this way and  what can be done to change their attitude?

Finally, The Students have to prepare a brief introduction and a paragraph of nearly 150 words (15 lines) which could be spoken within a minute and a question on the basis of the paragraph.

Some of the topics are given for your help-
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