Daily Archives: August 6, 2016



No hopes in life

makes your life insane

want some relief

but also work on the rock

be positive

dream attractive

you are blessed

don’t be stressed

addicted to social media

destroys our creative ideas

two minutes nap

people says that’s not my swag

have a hope

and rock

easy to say,difficult to implement

and every-bodies life is contend

and try to sacrifice

and try to sacrifice

and try to sacrifice

                                                                                                 By Utkrishta Sing, Hisar, Haryana, India



The inner world is immense unease,
Which just knows how to increase.
Like a heavy bucket of water is stuck
In the middle of   the well like throat
My eyeball inside its socket stands afloat
The time when the brain quits
Thinking about Something else
And then your heart starts to commence
No love, no care, no relief.
Pain is like the life of mine
Which cannot be explained in brief.
My own sweating palm
Feelings which can turn things just except of getting calm.
My power and thoughts are getting ignored
As the pain which came out like a flood which was earlier stored.
My physical body is getting dead cold
The pain is so strong that it can never be mould
You can swim over water but this is larva
……… waiting for them to understand that this is my life is not a drama.
By Nandini Bharadwaj, Hisar, Haryana



Rising above yourself so high
Going even beyond the sky
Never losing faith and hope
Keep climbing even if its a slope

Transcendence happens only when you spark
From an isolated, wrecked den completely dark
It is a state of eternal bliss
Achieve it and have a life you would want to kiss

Positivity resonates with transcending states
Confidence and belief are beautiful traits
That help a person to reach the stars
And get everything that is already ours

Every soul has to transcend
It is a call from the universe we have to attend
Change is a vital phenomena we all possess
Now, it’s our job to make that change progress

Being truthful to yourself is what is needed
You will soon see your happiness exceeded
Life is nothing but an empty bowl
Don’t fill it a fraction but a whole!

                                                               By Anshita Rao, Hisar, Haryana, India